36% of gamers in the US would intend to buy a next-gen this year.

According to the study, done by the consulting firm Baird Equity Research, the sales figures between Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S would be even.

The crisis on the one hand and caution on the other, seem to be determining the purchase intentions of gamers in the US market, a trend that could also be extrapolated to the European market and even more so to emerging markets.

According to a study conducted by the firm Baird Equity Research, a little more than a third of gamers in the US, would be willing to switch devices this Christmas.

Colin Sebastian, senior analyst at Baird has announced to a group of investors the scope of the study, made to 1000 gamers.

Although the survey showed a stronger demand than expected for the new systems, the analyst stressed that regardless of the data, there is a gap between the number of people who want to buy a system and those who actually can, not only because of issues of product availability but also due to economic factors, many of them linked to the post Covid19 crisis.

Among the notable results, is the one that shows that 18% of those surveyed plan to acquire a PS5 this year, 13% an Xbox Series X, and 5% an Xbox Series S, a surprisingly positive result for Microsoft. The study does not discriminate the data corresponding to the two Playstation 5 SKUs, as it does with Xbox.

The table above shows that 36% percent of those surveyed would intend to switch to the new generation, 12% would buy a Nintendo Switch, which is not a next-gen console, and 10% would be willing to purchase one eighth-generation console, whose prices would theoretically fall, although its current availability is scarce or almost nil, at least in the US.

The study also analyzed the software segment and the results showed that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was the most anticipated game, with 24% of respondents planning to choose it, FIFA 21 (18% of respondents), Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (16%), Cyberpunk 2077 (15%), and Star Wars Squadrons (14%).

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