Bad launch. Bad habit

The industry is making basic marketing mistakes when launching products, both hardware and software, that do not meet minimum quality standards, which has caused annoyance among gamers.

First came the next-gen consoles. The Brands insisted on launching their products in the midst of a totally atypical commercial climate and against all logic, which has brought a series of logistical and distribution problems, and has opened up a highly speculative and unfair black market, a situation that does not seem to have solution in the short term.

Before that, the promise from both Sony and Microsoft to have a decent catalog of games available at the time of that launch, which justified making the leap and making the investment to acquire the new hardware. Fact not fulfilled by both companies.

The highly anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077 is introduced, and an incomplete product arrives, full of technical problems, apologies from the developers, and even a refund of money for dissatisfied customers.

It’s a shame that companies of this size are making basic marketing mistakes at this point. Launching an incomplete product produces enormous dissatisfaction in the consumer, which brands are trying to cover up with an invasion of influencers justifying the unjustifiable:

That at this time it is not worth making the leap to the next-gen, much less paying more than its price, and that with the available software and support resources, it is preferable to wait a few months until there are games of better quality than the ones that are offered today, and enough stock on the street, that ends the speculation about the consoles.

These days a friend, who already has a PS5 console in his possession, for which he payed a 40% surcharge, lamented the decision: I had to wait, he confessed, there are not enough games that are worth it, and I have to settle with playing old PS4 ones. The damage is done, now he is trying to recover some of the overprice by selling his PS4 that he planned to keep.

A consumer, generally knowledgeable, such as the gamer, expects to receive a refined product without problems. I am convinced that is a consumer willing to wait a little longer if, in exchange for this, will obtain satisfaction and quality, both in the hardware and in the software he/she acquires.

The reversal of the release dates of some games offered on the screenings of the consoles are received in a comprehensive way by the market expecting to receive a product without errors, or at least almost perfect.

Cyberpunk 2077, postponed more than 5 times throughout the year, enjoyed the confidence of the market that has received with disbelief a product that does not meet the quality parameters expected from a production of this caliber.

Patience is the key factor at this time, there are still loose ends, and although it seems incredible, some improvisation. For now, the eighth generation is still very much alive.

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