Between Tuesday and Wednesday, will the dam be broken?

The millions of COD Warzone players are waiting for the start of the 4th season of the most downloaded multiplatform online game in recent months. And everything seems to indicate that it will be explosive.

We are hours from the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth season of COD Warzone. Just yesterday it was leaked that the action that will unleash the events must take place between Tuesday and Wednesday. Activision, the producer, suspended the launch originally scheduled for June 3 for a few days, due to social protests in the US. However, the pressure of the players and the fact of generating more interest in the game have been factors of great weight in order not to delay the inevitable any further. As I had already written in a previous post and given having reached the highest possible level within the game, I started scanning the map to verify what the rumors indicated and open all the bunkers that could be. I certainly think the dam is in trouble, when you visit it you will notice that the structure creaks, also there are steam and water leaks in the pipes. If this assumption is confirmed, it will bring major changes in the morphology of Verdansk, which is the name of the city where we fight daily. What surprises do the developers bring us?

About the bunkers that open with the red card, I can tell you, it is certainly worth going for them. Not all open. I imagine some are being saved for next season. There are red cards distributed throughout the map, generally in the orange boxes, although there are some blue ones that can have them too. A tip? In the military planes of the airport. Search there. Almost always one jumps. If you want to do this search, you’d better hurry, it won’t be long before many of these bunkers don’t exist anymore. Another tip? The bunkers that open are 00, 04, 05, 06, and 09. Any other tips? There is one near the dam, one at the military airport, one near the quarry and one near the prison. Bunker 11 also opens, but it needs an additional protocol in which you have to collect a series of information that leads you to a 4-number key that allows you to open it. I’m going to do that today. If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, what are you waiting for? It is free and for me, much better than Fornite.

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