Creaks. A Kafkean-style puzzle

Owner of an impeccable and original aesthetic, Creaks is one of those good games that helps us exercise our brain with puzzles that are continually challenging our skills.

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People say that all houses hide secrets and in this beautifully illustrated game a very big one is revealed to us. Behind a hidden door in the messy room of a young man, there is an intricate maze of levels full of challenges that are worth exploring to discover not only a surreal and dark world but also to defeat the monster that has dominated it.

Our young protagonist must fight his way through a succession of cryptic environments inhabited by strange beings: a species of robotic dogs that will run towards you if you get too close, strange jellyfish that float, and some spiky-haired figures that imitate your every movement.

All of these creatures can be manipulated to press down on pads on the floor that knockdown barriers or light up bulbs that freeze any enemy trapped within range. There are also buttons and levers, which modify the physical space of the environment to help you escape, trapping an enemy here to activate a sliding door there, with an emphasis on planning and logistics.

As we progress, the challenges we are going to face also get more complicated, regardless of whether the movement patterns of the enemies are the same throughout the game.

Creaks is a well-developed platformer by Amanita Design, an independent Czech company founded in 2003. Graphically it presents us with a beautiful and darkly imaginative visual spectacle. The underworld environment is a kind of decaying manor house. Its labyrinthine architecture is built from dilapidated, overcrowded enclosures and neglected gardens.

There is no dialogue in the game, the story is conveyed through sound and mimicry, allowing us to transplant our own meanings and interpretations and give the world a personal dimension.

In short, Creaks is a magnificent storytelling game that owes nothing to the culturally predominant aesthetic of Disney, Marvel, or Studio Ghibli. Although the dynamics of the platforms, which is the soul of Creaks, obey formulas and patterns that seem to repeat themselves, it should not be a disincentive to try this unique experience that is also available on PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

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