Do Playstation and its studios turn their eyes to mobile games?

It seems that among the next moves of the Japanese house is to venture into the biggest piece of the pie, seeking to increase its player base and profits, taking the opportunity to reconnect with its home market.

Adapt or die, the great conclusion that made Charles Darwin famous, applies today, more than ever, to absolutely everything.

Sony is at an interesting crossroad whose most important traffic sign, encloses the previous sentence on a red poster.

Last October, the Japanese brand had launched the Playstation Mobile platform for a limited number of mobile phones that, logically, covered the entire Xperia line and some HTC, Fujitsu and Sharp models.

The specialized press assumed at the time that Playstation Mobile would be a business model with limited scope, however, and given the changes that are occurring rapidly in the business, it seems that Sony is preparing to start a strong foray into the largest segment of this market, made up, for now, by more than 2,500 million people.

The evidence? A job advertisement appeared today in various European media. In this ad, PlayStation Europe seeks to hire an Executive Producer for mobile devices. The successful candidate will work in both the London and Liverpool offices, with the additional possibility of working remotely.

As part of the role, the one selected as Senior Executive Producer is expected to work with PlayStation Global Studios and help ensure that development processes run smoothly.

Additionally, “he will partner with large multinational mobile Publishers to ensure that the mobile titles that we deliver will have the quality gamers will expect from PlayStation Studios, and “he will anchor mobile development communication across PlayStation and help build up mobile capabilities, manage workflow-considerations and risks, and help multiple projects hit development goals.”

The list of assignments would indicate that the company will double on its mobile front in the short term.

Sony has already tasted the honey of success in this segment, it has a great mobile game of its own, Fate / Grand Order, which has generated $ 4 billion in lifetime revenue through January 2020.

This strategy can be an interesting way to exponentially expand its business base and offer cross-platform experiences that allow you to compete against Microsoft’s successful GamePass and even the Nintendo Switch.

Will we see a Naughty Dog mobile game soon? …. Why not?

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