Door Kickers for Switch. Law is coming.

An excellent tactical game that had already come to life on PC and mobile phones, comes to Nintendo Switch to offer us quality action.

There is a high-risk situation in a house, you are at the head of a Swat squad that must deal with the criminals, you make your moves, you neutralize the enemy and no one else is injured. It sounds easy, but it is not.

The previous paragraph summarizes the gameplay of Door Kickers, a real-time strategy title developed by the indie studio KillHouse Games located in Romania and published for Switch by Qubic Games.

Door Kickers allows the player to create a squad of up to ten playable characters, each of whom can be customized with classes, weapons, armor, utilities, and equipment. Each class has a unique variety of weapons, each of which is adapted to particular situations and play styles. As the team completes missions, they will level up, both as the squad and each character.

Visually, it is not a game that can impress from a graphical point of view, although its style is quite dramatic, but, without any doubt it could be said that it is much more realistic than many high-end FPS titles.

The strategy of the game consists of two phases: the planning phase and the execution phase. In the planning phase, the Swat squad commander – you – lay the foundation for the operation, deploys troops at various access points, then proceeds to plot his route through the entire environment, which is viewed through an overhead camera setup, drawing directly on the Switch’s touch screen or using the analog sticks.

Door Kickers, as I said, is not an easy game, its complication really increases as you go along, if you don’t have patience then this is not the game for you.

Once you’ve reached a certain level, you can start tackling the “campaigns”, which are just several levels grouped together.

This is a game where there are a lot of resources to go on with, and if you are a fan of tactical games, you should definitely have this title on your list.

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