Gamer. Has the definition changed?

The business has become so complex and diverse that obtaining a single, linear definition of Gamer is nearly impossible.

Just yesterday I wrote that the characterization of the gamer, tied to the image of an alienated young man behind a PC or a console, it is no longer possible to apply, it due to the fact that the business has become so massive and grown in such a way, that the term gamer accepts multiple features.

Because a person does not play the games or on the platform that I like, or does not have a certain age, it does not disqualify him/her at all from being considered a gamer.

Let’s look at the case of Hamako Mori, 90 years old, Guinness Record. A Japanese legend playing since 1981. Hamako has 300,000 followers on her YouTube channel, where she is shown playing games of various kinds with her PS4, from Call of Duty to Final Fantasy. Would anyone be able to assure, boldly, that Hamako-San for being that age, is not a gamer?

But if instead of Call of Duty, Hamako-San spent thousands and thousands of hours playing Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or Pokemon GO on her tablet or cell phone, wouldn’t it be equally daring to say that she is not a gamer?

A gamer is, in very general lines, any person who likes video games, and is characterized by playing them regularly, that is, they are able to dedicate several hours of their time to that activity.

Regular interaction with a video game makes you a gamer no matter what platform you play on. I’ve seen PC and console gamers get beaten as rookies in mobile gaming matches to opponents who were looked down upon by them.

So, it is not the platform that makes the gamer, it is the game that defines it. There are gamers who stay anchored in a game to the point of mastering it and knowing its secrets, they spend years there, thousands and thousands of hours invested, they do not play anything but that game. Are they then disqualified because they don’t play other titles?

Linear definitions have certainly disappeared from our market. Nowadays the industry recognizes and gives the same value as a subject of study to those who play on console, PC or mobile, as to those who watch a game on Twitch and their strategies for the future include us all equally.

As companies are doing, we must adapt to the changes that are invariably coming, changes that can lead to the disappearance of some platforms, and the strengthening of others, as well as the way we are used to playing.

We are immerse in a very changing world and we must be prepared to face it.

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