Games to remember: Dying Light

A game based on a post-apocalyptic world that is full of bipolar zombies, it could be a good summary for this title released in 2015.

In the city of Harran, the people who lived there did not have easy life, they had to deal during the day with the search for supplies to be able to survive, and at night the dangers, which when the sun went down, were multiplied by a thousand.

The virus that took over the world filled it with zombies, some quite peculiar that turn out to be one thing during the day and quite another at night.

Parkour, which was one of the key tools of the game, allowed us to jump and climb buildings at high speed, resulting in a common practice to avoid enemies that swarmed on the ground. The plot of the game forced us to travel long distances without the possibility of making fast trips, so its correct use was vital for the good performance of the experience.

Sometimes the scenarios become puzzles that had to be dealt with, the game isn’t exempt from the repetition of mechanics.

The interesting twist of the game was precisely the inclusion of the day / night cycle.

When the sun was shining, the zombies were more clumsy so they could be evaded quite easily. However, when night fell, fierce enemies made an appearance, causing the stealth component to come into play, if we were detected, then the only option to succeed was to flee as if there were no tomorrow.

Fortunately, there were several safe areas, previously unlocked by us, which turned out to be impregnable and in which we could take shelter safely, sometimes taking advantage to sleep until the day came and these beings disappeared.

There were a couple of nocturnal missions due to the demands of the script, which generated truly tense situations that were very worthwhile.

Dying Light had in addition to the story, a cooperative mode and one called Be a Zombie. In this mode, we became one of these beings and invaded other players’ games.

It was a game that left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is very fun and on the other, it is a low-risk creativity product, with many repetitive situations. Despite that, it was worth the investment.

A week after its launch, the game managed to sell 1.2 million units, adding the sales of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In 2019, four years after its launch, the game had managed to sell more than 13 million copies on all platforms. In addition, it managed to maintain figures of about 500,000 weekly players on its servers.

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