Godzilla or Nintenzilla?

Both come from Japan, but there is no doubt that the little Japanese console is the real monster.

It is not the most powerful, nor the one with the best graphics, but it has managed to stand up to giants like Xbox and Playstation, earning their respect.

On Monday, the Japanese gaming company reported 229.7 billion yen ($ 2.2 billion) in operating profit for the quarter that just ended in December, far exceeding analysts’ expectations. Sales of its Switch console reached a record 11.6 million units during the all-important Christmas season.

Quite an achievement if we take into account that it was before the launch of two very powerful devices such as the Xbox and the PS5.

The results show, and demonstrate, that even many months into the pandemic, people continue to flock to stores in search of Switches.

Nintendo has been, without a doubt, one of the biggest winners in this pandemic cycle. More and more people continue to purchase their games and devices to help keep them entertained at home. Last year, the company’s profits soared almost 400%.

Market analysts are cautious about the possibility of changes in consumer habits once the pandemic is over, however the projections for Nintendo, at least for the remainder of the year, look solid and on the rise.

Takao Suzuki, an analyst at Daiwa Securities in Japan, consulted by CNN, suggests that Nintendo should venture into other business areas such as the mobile games market, and also accelerate the arrival of a new console, more powerful and adapted to the demanding software, developed right now.

Nintendo Switch is a commercial phenomenon that, if it continues like this, could become the best-selling video game device in history, at the end of its life cycle. We will see.

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