Is creativity exhausted in gaming?

Could the remaking of old titles like Prince of Persia and others that are currently in the process of being remastered, be an indication that creatives are running out of ideas?

From my point of view, our way of playing has stagnated, I have no doubt, there are few truly remarkable advances that have emerged in recent decades.

In gaming it is happening the same as in the world of mobile phones, in which there has been no significant contribution to the concept, since the appearance of the iPhone almost 14 years ago.

What is the difference between playing on a PS4 and a PS5? To name the most recent ones. And between an Xbox One and a Series X / S? Between a gaming PC from 2007 and one from 2021? Beyond the improvement in hardware performance, well, none. In essence, they are all exactly the same.

Therefore, what is the conceptual difference between Ghost of Tsushima and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Absolutely none. Same concept, same mechanics, same everything.

We have reached a Gordian knot, an expression whose meaning according to Wikipedia, I quote: “Gordian knot refers to a difficulty that cannot be resolved, an obstacle that is difficult to overcome or difficult to resolve or finish, especially when this situation only admits creative solutions that include lateral thinking. “

Thus, the future of this business is requiring a lot of lateral thinking to ensure that it continues to occupy the place it occupies today in the lives of ordinary people.

The lack of creativity that is seen today in the market, full of titles whose mechanics have repeated over and over again, ending up getting bored of seeing the same format over and over again, is due to that twist that does not seem to reach the software that dominates the business today, largely due to an obvious lack of ideas in hardware.

There are still very little signs of creativity within the indie niche, which by its nature allows certain licenses that the games of large corporations, tied up by their shareholders and bean-counters, cannot.

In a mobile game called Hijacker Jack, I have seen one of the most interesting concept proposals in which the industry could find new inspiration. I don’t know if there are others like it, but this is a pioneer.

Only the online game is saved, the multiplayers, who today carry the survival of the industry on their shoulders, and they do so because they allow us to establish connections and offer us with each game a different experience.

Buying games is proving to be an increasingly tedious experience, especially due to the lack of ideas and interesting contributions with which one feels satisfied.

The industry is trapped between two great obstacles that, for now, are insurmountable, but that must necessarily find a way to achieve it or else end up boring its billions of customers in the not-so-distant future. Hopefully and soon a light bulb lights up the room and we see clearly where we are standing.

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