I’ve finally played The Last of Us 2. Better late than never.

An interesting game that tries to complement a story, which divided the adult theme in video games in two.

You know, as far as tastes and colors, much has yet to be said.

To judge beyond the technical aspect, by the way impeccable, the work developed by Naughty Dog, is to enter in raging waters.

After finishing the game, I come to the conclusion that I did not like the development of the plot. There were many edges from which to focus this strange twist that the game takes towards the middle.

I think that if they wanted to find originality, there were more interesting paths to enter, much darker or even controversial, than the one chosen by the scriptwriters. Dispensing with Joel was an unnecessary act, anger and revenge, as I said, had more interesting edges to go.

However, when one sees the work as a whole, it is indeed necessary to recognize that one is in front of a great work, whose gameplay becomes a bit repetitive as usual, in long games. I am satisfied with the GOTY 2020 award it obtained. Certainly deserved.

When comparing it with the first part, well I must say that the original was better, and by far. Not only because of the enormous distance that separated it from the games of the time, but also because of the daring of the story, which certainly represented a before and after in the industry.

Naughty Dog carries a tremendous weight on its shoulders, it has put an end to its famous sagas, Uncharted and The Last of Us, reviving them for no apparent reason would be a huge mistake from a commercial and conceptual point of view.

Internally, they must already be discussing, almost certainly, new horizons towards which to direct the efforts of their creatives.

I’ve had fun with The Last of Us 2, it’s been worth the hours spent enjoying its well-conceived execution. It was not the closing of history that I would have liked, but again, as to tastes and colors, much has yet to be said. Goodbye Ellie and Joel.

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