Little Nightmares 2. Deliciously terrifying.

Second parts were never good? I don’t think so

I initially played the demo available on the Nintendo eShop and from the first instant, I was hooked, so I decided to buy it so that I could fully enjoy it when it comes out.

Not only because the game looks flawless and really beautiful, owner of a dynamic lighting job that leaves you immersed from the first time you put your hands on the joysticks, but there is so much going on from the start that it is impossible not to get hooked on this second part.

As I am left wanting to play a little more, since the demo for Switch gives us only about 20 minutes of gameplay, I went to the one offered by Steam, which is a little longer and shows other sequences.

We are definitely facing a substantial improvement in comparison to the first part, the management of the frames and the design of each room or landscape has been conceived in such a way as to give that gloomy and decadent touch that places us in the middle of an atmosphere of terror from the beginning, a cinematic sensation that you can seldom find in other games, horror or not.

It shows with these few minutes, the refinement at work. There are additional details in the presentation and animation, which powerfully attract attention. Complementary details like rotten, flattened meat and tied corpses that litter the Hunter’s habitat, and that soot-like haze of gloom that makes light difficult to enter. All this juxtaposed with the delicate, fragile movements of Mono and Six dancing to the sound of the disturbing dark rhythm of violins in the background.

Little Nightmares 2, is one of those games that causes it to be played with a plus, that is, at night, with the lights off and the volume high, there is no doubt that you are going to live one of the best horror experiences of this year.

When it finally hits the market next month, it’s going to scare us. Of that I’m sure.

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