Lumen in Apple Arcade. If you like puzzles, this game is for you.

The new game from Apple Arcade, is an interesting and entertaining proposal for those who like to challenge logic.


Starting today, Apple Arcade has a new game, developed by Lykkegaard Europe Limited …. Lumen.

Lumen is a puzzle game with some unique and very interesting mechanics, in which you will have to solve levels using lights, lenses and mirrors.

You will find yourself in an old attic and discover the mysterious old box of Mrs. Olivia McLumen, a prominent inventor who lived in Scotland over a hundred years ago.

What I have advanced in the game allows me to recognize not only how well conceived it is from an artistic point of view, offering us an air of nostalgia and antiquity, but also the quality of its puzzles that in some cases can be truly challenging, although they not lead you to frustration.

At the beginning, Olivia, our main character, will tell you that all the stories about her inventions and her life are stored in film frames in the box, and you must restore them using, as the only resource, light

After a quick tutorial, you will learn to bounce light rays off glasses and mirrors to solve each puzzle and discover the hidden and interesting life of Olivia.

The videos that tell us about Olivia’s life are presented in 3D, which speaks well about the capabilities of Apple’s portable devices, iPhone and iPad, to handle these types of projects that have a certain technical complexity.

I hope to offer you an update very soon on this Apple Arcade game, which for now is very fun and challenging.

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