Maneater. Spielberg-Style.

Thanks to a good friend’s vacation, I was able to have a PS4 in my living room again, at least for a few days. And there I found myself with this game that gives the concept of open world a very interesting twist.

Open world games could be experiencing an existential crisis, the repetition of the concept throughout many sequels is leading gamers and fans to exhaustion, however, Tripwire Interactive and Blindside Interactive, found how to turn the concept around to offer a different product.

Throughout these 40 years as a gamer, I have been in the shoes of many characters, but I had never been a shark, by the way, with quite bad mood … until these days.

This fantastic underwater action RPG is a tribute to the PlayStation 2 cult classic Jaws Unleashed. Very well achieved despite not being a AAA title, and also with an excellent touch of reality.

A reality TV film crew follows seasoned shark hunter Pierre “Scaly Pete” LeBlanc and his son Kyle through the waters off Port Clovis as they hunt an adult bull shark with a harpoon. After the capture, they discover that the bull shark is female and pregnant, the film crew is surprised when Scaly Pete takes out the baby shark, (your character), uses his knife to cut you to be able to identify you later as you grow, not without before losing his right hand in the process.

You will grow, thanks to an extensive menu made up of fish, aquatic mammals, reptiles, humans, and other predators. Your well-earned fame precedes you and the region’s shark hunters go after you, but they will killed and eaten by you.

Eventually, your final encounter with Scaly Pete occurs, producing a series of events that lead the story to a crude and very interesting denouement.

Sounds good, right?

The world in which the game takes place have the perfect size, you will always be discovering something every second and that makes it more attractive. Sonar alerts you to different points of interest, plus it’s easy to get lost in the choppy waters of Port Clovis.

Killing humans increases your threat meter, makes you more infamous, and a Grand Theft Auto-like alert system will eventually cause hunters to chase you. Fighting against your enemies can be fierce and it is entertaining to watch their ships catch fire as you hit them with your massive body.

Maneater is an elegant open world, well designed and possessed of something special that makes it very entertaining. It has some performance flaws in demanding moments, which do not obscure the interesting twist that its developers wanted to offer us. Recommended.

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