Rayman Adventures. Vibrant and bright.

One of the best options to play with your mobile, and if there is also a controller involved, even better!

Due to its undoubted graphic quality, originality and versatility, this is one of the best games on the Google Play platform.

There are few games that match Rayman Adventures in these sections, perhaps Oddmar, which receives undoubted influences from the first.

Launched in 2016, it was developed by the Ubisoft Montpellier studio, creators of Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, and despite its years on the market, it still turns out to be a formidable product.

The main characters are Rayman and Barbara, a Viking from Rayman Legends. The objective of the game is to travel through different worlds full of levels to be able to rescue and raise the eggs of the Incrediballs and give life to the sacred tree that measures the evolution of our progress.

The levels are really varied, and throughout these 4 years of life, Ubisoft has not stopped to bring support to the title.

Rayman Adventures integrated purchases basically serve to get and feed the Incrediballs, which will make our sacred tree grow and will also serve as support in the passage of the levels since they have special abilities that are of great help to achieve the goal.

At the time of writing this post, the leader of the leaderboard has taken his tree to a height of 8,600 meters, a significant amount given that each Incrediball rescued and raised contributes, at most, about 40 meters.

Rayman Adventures lacks buttons, uses gestures, which are difficult to get used to, so it is ideal to incorporate a controller into the experience.

Far from using a virtual joystick, all we do is mark the direction in which we are going by sliding our finger to one side or the other and from there Rayman moves autonomously. If we want to change to the reverse side, we slide in that direction, if we want to attack we slide to where we are moving and click on the screen if we want the character to jump.

With a controller installed you can enjoy this original game much more.

Rayman Adventures should be on the game list of any gamer who wants to have an option on his mobile that will provide not only a precious and innovative aesthetic concept but also many hours of entertainment.

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