Super Meat Boy on Switch. ¿Still savage?

Addictive, fast, and demanding, those are the sensations that the old classic on PC brings us to our Switch.

Forever, that’s the title with which Nintendo Switch brings us this rebellious piece of meat called Super Meat Boy, who continually tests our skills with the controls.

About ten years after the original Super Meat Boy first took the indie gaming scene by storm, fans of this game’s brutally difficult action finally have a chance to return to the gloriously bloody world of Team Meat in a sequel, in which some considerable changes were made to the mechanics.

To make it easier? Make no mistake, there’s still plenty to enjoy in this version, for fans of truly hardcore platformer action.

The story that is told is that of Meat Boy, Bandage Girl and their new baby, Nugget, who has been kidnapped by the supervillain Dr. Fetus. We will see the couple running, hitting and jumping through more than seventy levels of painful, bloody death, and in some sections, tremendously complicated.

After a simplification of the controls to adapt them to the hybrid console, we find that everything comes down to a gameplay that starts difficult to get more difficult. There are in fact some particularly exasperating bosses for which you have to be very patient.

Super Meat Boy Forever makes changes to its predecessor’s classic formula, which while robbing the game of some of the devilishly addictive quality of the original, fans of particularly difficult platformers will still find a lot to love, although we can’t avoid to feel like this is a slight step back from the original 2010 version.

The best:

It’s a really hard and rewarding game.
It has some great boss battles.
Many unlockable characters and an improved story.

The worst:

Occasional problems with impossible level sections.
Some frame rate issues in some higher stages.

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