The case of Spaniard Youtubers.

This situation, which will surely be a case study in the future, deserves for us to stop and analyze it carefully.

Willyrex, The Grefg, Vegetta and El Rubius.

Are names that sound strongly and insistently, within Spain’s public opinion. Explanations have come and gone, justifying or criticizing the position of these creatives in relation to their move out of Spain, specifically to Andorra, seeking to deal in another way with the issues that have to do with economic productivity.

For those who do not know, the Principality of Andorra is a small country located in the Pyrenees mountain range, between the border of Spain and France, with 78,000 inhabitants in an area of 468 km².

Andorra has historically been considered a tax haven, a territory with low or no taxation that, through specific internal regulations, guarantees the opacity of transactions, with the absolute absence of records, formalities and controls.

Taxes in Andorra are much lower compared to, for example, Spain; Andorran VAT is 4.5%, compared to 21% in Spain, depending on the product.

Andorran income tax can reach a ceiling, up to 10%, of income compared to 49% in Spain. Therefore, an independent professional whose activity is carried out online, such as a youtuber, a highly trained online Consultant, or a high-performance athlete, will earn much more money in Andorra than in many countries.

The moral debate about whether or not it is right to move to another place to get better use of the resources that people like these generate, has two perfectly respectable points of view, depending on where you look at it.

A Youtuber like The Grefg, can generate around € 5,500 per day via the advertisers that appear on his channel, which today has more than 16.6 million subscribers, who access that content totally free, unlike Lionel Messi, for example , whose income is due, in large part, to the direct spending of the public that attends the Barça games and, on the other hand, to other income that the club generates for broadcasting rights, agreements with brands and merchandising.

Would Messi like to move to Andorra? I could assure you that this thought crosses his head several times a year, however, it is also true that Messi’s relationship with money has, certainly, a much more binding character with his fans since a part of his salary goes directly out of their pockets.

A few days ago, The Grefg was invited to the famous program El Hormiguero, so that among other things, he had the opportunity to explain his point of view. Paradoxically, this program, one of the most watched in Spain, has a small fraction of the audience that a live on YouTube or Twitch broadcast by one of these communicators has.

Wouldn’t it be better for the Spanish treasury to establish another type of relationship with this type of new independent super-taxpayers, allowing them to stay, creating a more favorable climate and encouraging them to invest in other businesses that generate more wealth? I think so. As always, time and circumstances will bring about change.

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