The clock is ticking…

Barely a month left until the market launch of the new generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, immersed in an atypical launch in which almost no one has seen them in person, and almost no one has tried them yet.

These are strange moments for gamers, we continue to trust influencers to make the decision to buy a device that, in theory, will accompany us for several years and whose cost is relatively important and even more so in these times.

Of course, that was not the wish of either Sony or Microsoft. In other conditions, there would have already been huge promotional campaigns on thousands of sites where we could come into direct contact with both the Xbox SeriesX / S and the Playstation 5 to see their behavior with an AAA game running on them and make a decision based on facts. But that is not going to happen like this.

Lately, there have been rumors about whether one console heats up or the other makes this or that noise. In particular, I advise you to ignore those comments that are based on opinions and particular appreciations of these influencers or “analysts”. As our purchase is going to be practically blind and solely based on brand loyalty, it is not worth contaminating it.

At least, in theory, we know the potential of each device and we also know where their strategies point: One revolves around the sale of consoles and games, and the other points to the creation of a service system in which its console is a part of it.

We know the pricing strategy: one aims to favor the sale of its most expensive device that includes a disc player, at the risk of swimming against the current, and the other seems to point equally towards its most expensive device, although it knows that its best-seller, globally, will be the most economical since in its opinion there will be less and less need for a console to access quality games.

We also know their strategy in relation to games: One has a strong and recognized catalog of exclusive game developers who have made a difference in terms of quality, and the other has been aggressively strengthening that part of its business, to be able to meet the demand that will be generated in its services when other platforms actively enter.

The most important thing remains to be seen: the reception by us of these novelties, especially technical ones, which have not yet been seen or tested live by almost anyone.

They have done well, given the circumstances, in keeping a very low profile so as not to generate opinions, either in favor, that may cause an overestimation of the consoles, or against, which leads to underestimation.

The damage that the pandemic did to launch strategies, which still seemed active in February, has been significant for both Playstation and Xbox.

The good news is that, despite everything and thanks to the courageous attitude of both brands, these amazing devices, at least on paper, will see the light in 30 days to our joy.

The time for criticism and praise will come.

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