¿The Last of Us on TV?

It is not the same to successfully bring Hollywood themes to the world of video games than to do it the other way around. History has shown us more failures than successes.

When The Last of Us video game was introduced to the world in 2013, it was real before and after for the industry. This title showed that gaming was ready for big projects, which Hollywood had already been testing for several decades.

The Last of Us opened the door to games like Until Dawn, for example, which in film format would turn out to be an absolute box office failure due to its lack of originality and clichés, and which nevertheless turned out to be a success as a video game. There are even those who consider it a cult game.

There have been more failures than successes that can be counted when producers have tried to bring video games with some success to the screen, perhaps Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, or Sonic, they have been honorable exceptions, but it is enough to remember the resounding falls at the box office of Assassin’s Creed, Super Mario Bros, BloodRayne, Doom, Hitman, and a long list of failed attempts.

It is not the same to argue for a video game as for a movie and despite the fact that no one has seen the script, and unless something totally different from what is shown in the game is written, The Last of Us, as a story for TV, does not have absolutely nothing new to contribute.

The great audiovisual windows are full of post-apocalyptic stories of this type. Without going too far there are, to name just two, The Walking Dead, in serial format, and The Road, that excellent Viggo Mortensen film that goes ahead in showing a pair similar to the one that The Last of Us raises in its central plot.

Like Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us, Nathan Drake from Uncharted goes through the same obstacles. That story was conceived to be run as a video game but when you take it to the movies you will stumble upon nothing more and nothing less than Indiana Jones, a story from which Uncharted is evidently based, and more recently with Lara Croft and her successful Tomb Raider saga . Will Uncharted bring something different? I doubt it. A story repeated several times is going to be shown.

The Last of Us in live-action format is still in an embryonic state, there is still a lot of cloth to cut and it is not known what the final destination of this adventure will be, which may not go beyond a couple of announcements, or maybe we it can surprise and become a total audience success. I personally have my doubts.

After all, movies and television are one thing, and the console is quite another.

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