The Quiet Man for PS4. Disaster.

This is, without a doubt, the strangest and worst game I have played in 40 years as a gamer.

It came kicking up dust in the middle of a surprise presentation at E3 2018 by Square Enix, the Japanese giant, owner of a portfolio of successful games that is more than enviable.

It generated a lot of expectations in the audience. Its hard-hitting trailer, beautifully conceived and edited, caught attention. Filmed in real image, it showed a man who went into an alley to fight fiercely with gang members, a camera turn turns the protagonist and his environment into a fairly competent digitized world.

After that good entrance, nothing was heard from The Quiet Man. Point for the Marketing team.

The stark truth was revealed, at least for me, with the release of the game.

Dane, the main character, is a deaf guy who works as a hitman for a corrupt businessman named Taye. Both are linked by the past, they are like brothers, they take care of each other. Taye goes to Dane to help him find his girlfriend, Lana, who has apparently been kidnapped. Lana seems to have a certain emotional bond with Dane. At the same time, a policeman investigates this kidnapping on his own and there is the enigmatic figure of a man with a bird mask that appears out of nowhere to create chaos. So far so good, right?

Well, the disaster begins now. To make the most of Dane’s point of view, who is deaf, the production decided to remove the entire audio track from the game.

If it weren’t tragic, it would be laughable. It was three hours of gaming experience in which you were limited to alternating terrible beat’em up-style battles with video sequences where people were talking a lot and nothing was heard. Sequences that were not originally conceived for this purpose.

After going through this martyrdom, you can access the Answered mode in which you recover the sound to, if you were capable of such nonsense, replay it to understand more clearly what the hell was happening.

Certainly with the audio recovered the situation improves, but the damage had already been done since, in addition to the conceptual disaster, the game is full of bugs, simple combats, and stereotyped enemies whose differentiation is summarized in a change in the textures to indicate their racial origin.

The Quiet Man was a bad Sunday movie that thank God it didn’t come out in physical format, so, at least, it didn’t pollute the environment.

I carry it in my memory. I lost $ 15, and the Marketing team lost the point it had earned.

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