Three good games for your cell phone.

Some new and others not so much, I have tried them and I liked them a lot, so I leave you the reviews and the recommendation.


This is a fun, and well-conceived game from an aesthetic point of view, and very interesting too, which with a little patience can be finished without spending anything.

Like any free-to-play game, it has its catalog of microtransactions, a bit expensive by the way, but as I already mentioned, you can play it without spending anything, if you watch your steps well.

There are many details to take care of in order to finish it, from monitoring the quality, characteristics, and evolution of the drivers, to the improvement of the team headquarters, which will directly affect the performance.

There are at least 8 types of car types here: Open-Wheel, Stock, GT, Concept, Formula E, Endurance, Open-Wheel from the 80s and Open-Wheel from the 70s. The player will start by choosing a car type, but more will be unlocked as you progress.

The generation of own resources, to acquire technological and human resources assets, is done through the money collected in the races, and also with a sponsorship system for a maximum of 3 agreements per game day.

It is a very addictive game that is worth the time. Recommended.


It is not a new game, but it had gone unnoticed and when I discovered it I realized that I was dealing with an excellent quality product.

The graphics offered are incredibly good, I would say without a doubt, console-quality. The final scene by beating the Boss in each chapter is a true work of beauty. It is definitely one of the best shooting games on the mobile market in terms of playability.

Aside from the graphics, the controls are the strongest aspect of the game. Aiming is simply a matter of dragging the scope into position and pressing the fire button. Adjustable sensitivity can make this a very smooth process, especially in sniper or rocket type missions.

To the regular gamer, the game may seem a bit easy in normal mode, but the bar goes up quite a bit in hard mode. Vehicle-based missions, on the other hand, are much more challenging. You will most certainly need a few tries to eliminate the gunmen on top of the trains or in the air.

Cover Fire is a free to play game with a reward system that is quite generous. It is important to pay attention to the amount of energy points used per mission, in terms of planning your time in the game.

The good story that supports it will make the challenge even more satisfying. Don’t miss it.


Another old game that had gone unnoticed, at least for me.

A game developed by House on Fire. The Silent Age is a point and click game that tries to do exactly that: entertain players in a different way. Not through difficulty and high scores and endless features, but with a riveting story and wonderful audiovisuals.

Basically the main character is Joe, a man who’s stuck working as a janitor for a shady Homeland Security organization. However, after his boss gives him more responsibility for the same salary, he finds himself in a completely unexpected situation. I won’t spoil the rest.

That said, the story is one of the strengths of this game. It is as intriguing as it is consistent.

Since it is a point and click, there are no controls, just touch the screen. The things you have to do are usually straightforward, however, the puzzles will get a bit more complicated as you go along, but nothing to make the game frustrating.

The Silent Age provides a story with great visuals and very good audio work. Very rarely do you see a game where the story, gameplay, graphics, and sound all combine to create such a consistent result. If you want a game to relax and immerse yourself in a surreal world, then give The Silent Age a try.

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