Uncharted. An interesting option to start.

Most action-adventure games require certain skills to solve puzzles. This can be exhilarating and challenging for the senior player who is just starting out on this gaming topic.

Uncharted is a series of 4 action-adventure games that started in 2007 and has spanned 10 years of history. Naughty Dog, for me, one of the most interesting video game production companies in the business, presents the story of Nathan Morgan a.k.a Nathan Drake. An adventurer and treasure hunter admirer of the English pirate Sir Francis Drake. The adventures of Nathan and his friends take us to explore exotic places on the planet such as Peru, Nepal, Malaysia, Turkey, Syria, and Yemen, in search of lost objects and keys that will serve to locate important treasures connected in some way with the history of the British corsair. No great dexterity with the command control is required and the learning curve is short. (There is an omniscient tutorial). Nathan Drake requires many physical resistance movements to advance such as: climbing, swimming, swinging, grabbing things, of course, shooting, and taking enemies by surprise. What makes the saga particularly positive for the senior gamer is that in many parts of the game, you need to solve certain puzzles to advance. Some easy but some of them are very challenging, perfect for exercising the mind. Originally conceived for PS3 and later released for PS4, the first 3 games were bestsellers. Each one winning the award as Game of the Year and totaling, between them, more than 20 million copies sold. The last one, released only for PS4, has sold almost 20 million copies and is one of the most successful games on the platform. At the time of writing this note, PlayStation Store has the first three games in the series: Uncharted (Drake’s Treasure), Uncharted 2 (Among Thieves) and Uncharted 3 (Drake’s Betrayal), totally free and in a single download and the fourth title Uncharted 4 (The Thief’s End), can be purchased very cheaply on Amazon through this link: The success of this story is such that a movie, Uncharted, with Tom Holland (Spiderman) as the protagonist is already in production. Do you want to challenge your mind and at the same time travel half a planet searching for treasures in the middle of an interesting and adult story? I introduce you to Nathan Drake.

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