Unravel Two Switch…

Nintendo’s little giant, once again, painted a smile to my face.

I played Unravel time ago on a 50-inch TV. There, I was able to appreciate the beautiful work developed by the Swedish studio Coldwood Interactive, then directed by Martin Sahlin.

Taking advantage of a sale from the Nintendo e-Shop, I bought the second part of the series: Unravel Two, with some skepticism. My only fear was that, perhaps, it would be difficult for my Switch Lite to overcome the graphical spectacularity that I enjoyed playing the first part on a screen ten times larger.

How wrong I was. Playing Unravel Two on this little giant was a very enjoyable and immersive experience.

Despite its short duration, Unravel Two is a title whose narrative and aesthetic you will remember. Its story, based on that unbreakable thread that unites us with the people we love, leaves us, as in the first part, lessons of solidarity and fraternity.

Getting very comfortable, adjusting very good headphones and letting the game run along with its wonderful soundtrack, is the ritual that should start the experience that Switch offers us with Unravel Two.

Definitely, one does not need to have played the first part to get involved with Unravel Two, although the latter inherits the mechanics and gameplay, full of puzzles, some more difficult and less obvious than others, that I had to play in Unravel.

The Switch Lite moves the game with ease and does not lose any detail, aesthetic or conceptual, versus what I saw in the first part, played, as I said, on another platform and environment.

Unravel Two, that narrates the adventures of not one but two Yarnys, was created in order to be played cooperatively, but the game can also be completed by a single player without any problem.

There is a very fun chapter with a bird chasing our woolly friends, the resolution of which demanded a little more attention and wonderfully explains the cooperative aspect of the game.

I did not like the hint system included in the game, I think that takes away some of the fun. There are some complicated puzzles but none impossible to solve to give the player that option.

Unravel Two offers about 6 hours of gameplay respecting its narrative line, however, there are 20 additional challenges that increase the difficulty. These challenges significantly increase the replay value, just because of how difficult they are. It is worth passing them to fully master the game.

Starting today, the Unravel Two offer continues on the e-Shop at a price of $ 4.99. It is worth investing them to play an fantastically developed game that also goes hand in hand with the increasingly amazing capabilities of the Nintendo Switch.

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