What is Stadia?

Almost a year after its launch, Google has placed a video on YouTube where it clearly explains the true nature of its application and with this defines its future.

All kinds of opinions and reviews have been written about Google Stadia based mostly on misinformation that have caused some confusion in the public.

Today, shortly after celebrating the first year of Stadia, Google has published a video of just over two minutes called Get to know Stadia, where it makes it clear to the future subscriber, what the service is like and what their future will be.

Was it needed? Definitely yes. It is very clear that Google, at least until today, has not known how to communicate, it has not known how to sell its product correctly and that is why it is surrounded right now by a cloud of rumors and misunderstandings. The expectations that were created a year ago have faded a bit.

Honestly, Google hasn’t done the best job, until today, of explaining what Stadia is. At launch, many people assumed that Stadia was the “Netflix of games,” which is not true at all. I think that to face the Status quo and promote Stadia, the tools used by Google have not been the most effective.

Google has corrected its error and today offers us, through this video, an “explanation for dummies” of for, by, when and why Stadia.

It is clear that Stadia players can subscribe to Pro, if they wish, to get free games on a monthly basis, but also that they can simply fill their library by buying games and not spend a penny on the service itself.

It also outlines how to play Stadia, and explains the Cross-Platform topic, where gamers can use their smartphone, laptop, gamepad, and more to play games, with the option to purchase a Stadia controller and Chromecast Ultra to enhance the experience.

Other interesting facts that comes out of the video:

It is a streaming service, it is like watching your television series on the internet, but playing video games. You can try it for free: You do not have to buy hardware, and your computer, mobile or television are valid. Stadia Pro, accessed by a subscription, is an ever-growing catalog of games paying $ 9.99 / € 9.99 per month, but you don’t need a subscription to play.

You can buy the games you want and play them streaming at no additional cost as long as you want and the most important thing is that Stadia offers you something that Xbox GamePass and Amazon Luna can’t, for now at least: Ownership.

The games you buy are yours forever.

They remain in the library of your account to play them whenever you like with or without a subscription, the only way to lose them is that the developers of those games turn off the servers, but that can happen with GamePass or Luna as well.

Google is now in a trial and error process that is going to pay off sooner rather than later. Although it still faces some obstacles, especially with regards to connection speeds, recent analyzes have highlighted that the solution to these issues is near and will allow the rapid expansion of the service.

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