¿What kind of gamer who you are?

Many classifications of gamers have been made following various patterns to define them. The one that I like the most is the one that recently presented a study carried out by NewZoo consultancy firm.

Gaming is right now the most important form of entertainment in the world. This industry generated more revenue last year than television, movies, and music. It has become a comprehensive entertainment phenomenon catering to a spectrum of individual interests.

Having grown and matured over a span of 40 years, gaming has a multidimensional character and is perfectly fragmented. The players are not just playing; Watching video games and esports content is an equally important part of the puzzle. Hardware and peripheral ownership is, in many cases, another vital component of the fun.

This new dimension demands a new targeting that captures passionate and unique fans. The old way of segmenting gamers, with characters as casual and hardcore gamers, is linear and incomplete.

This consultancy firm, NewZoo, which has made gaming the main object of its studies, has decided to classify us into 8 families of gamers based on interesting parameters that cover all aspects of consumer engagement with gaming, such as: play, watch and own.

It is a long and complex study, from which I am only going to extract, for now, the basic description of these 8 characters so that you can decide in which of them you see yourself, in which you fit better …


“Gaming is in my DNA. There are very few things that I like more. I spend my free time and money on games.”

14% of the market. Average age: 28 years. 40% Women / 60% Men. Highly competitive. Pursue interesting content. Playing, seeing, and owning are equally important.


“I’m interested in all forms of gaming, from playing to watching and everything in between.”

10% of the market. Average age. 29 years. 36% Women / 64% Men. Gaming is an escape route and time-filler. Stories are important.


“I like to play high-quality games, preferably free-to-play or discounted titles. I will only spend on hardware when necessary.”

21% of the market. Average age: 30 years. 43% Women / 57% Men. The software and its experience is the most important. Most of them don’t spend on hardware. They play many hours a week via mobile.


“I don’t watch other people playing games much. I own plenty of hardware and software so I would rather be playing myself.”

4% of the market. Average age: 30 years. 49% Women / 51% Men. Staying up-to-date on software and hardware is important.


“I am always following the latest hardware news and trends. Whether is for work or play. I want an optimize experience.”

9% of the Market. Average age: 32 years. 41% Women / 59% Men. They love gadgets. Hardware is everything. Own more than play.


“Playing video games maybe not be my favorite hobby, but I definitely enjoy watching others play.”

14% of the Market. Average age: 32 years. 49% Women / 51% Men. See more than play. It is the majority audience for Twitch.


“I used to play a lot. Whenever I watch a big esports event and watch others playing games, that passion is reignited”

6% of the Market. Average age: 34 years. 44% Women / 56% Men. Former Ultimate or Enthusiasts who can resume the hobby at any time.


“I only play when I have time to spare or in social events. Mobile games are my go-to”

27% of the Market. Average age: 37 years. 60% Women / 40% Men. Few hours of play a week and generally short and casual games in public transportation towards the workplace.

There is still a fairly important portion of the market, 15% of the urban population connected online, which are those people who, although they do not consider themselves gamers, some were gamers at one time and think that for reasons of interest they would start the habit again. They are known as Lapsed Gamers.

Having reviewed the groups, I am definitely a Conventional, what about you?

Finally, if you want more information about the study I leave you the link here

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