While those fight, Nintendo laughs

A recent market research carried out by the firm Interpret, sheds lights on who truly commands the console market.

Social networks, have gotten the most boring these days. One only reads comments from Playstation fans arguing against Xbox fans about which console is better, without realizing that reality is going to take them away. Nintendo only laugh.

In a recent study made by the research firm Interpret, published this Wednesday, it is shown that Nintendo has not only done things wonderfully well but also maintains its long-term strategy in a stable way. It is capturing for itself the largest cake on the market.

Nintendo Switch console sales grew 64% over the past year, and Interpret´s data finds that many of these purchases come from people who do not own other consoles. In other words, Sony and Microsoft, but especially Sony, is ruminating, that is, chewing the same morsel of grass over and over again.

Microsoft’s case is different, they don’t focus on the console, they focus on the user. I’ve written it before, Sony, although it may not seem like it, it hangs by a thread, not so thin … for now.

Between September 2019 and 2020 alone, Nintendo’s small gadgets sold 27 million units, and their monthly sales figures have surpassed those of their competitors for the past two years.

Interestingly, one key factor that is happening with the Switch line today is adoption among new console gamers. The Interpret’s New Media Measure report shows that in 2019 only 12% of Switch owners had no other console in their home, but in 2020 that figure more than doubled to 25% of Switch owners.

It can be inferred that Nintendo has been expanding its market share consistently, leveraging itself in this niche. Consumers 45 and older (many of whom grew up on the original NES) would be an important component of this growth. The 45-65 age group emerged in 2020 as the key demographic for the business, spending 15% more on games than in 2019.

Given the imminence of the arrival of the Switch Pro, (even Bloomberg already takes it for granted for this same year), the Switch line continues more alive than ever. Nintendo management continues, firmly believing that its hybrid “occupies a fundamentally different position and really does have a unique proposition for buyers and gamers.”

I think from these data, they are right.

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