Will Playstation 5 be able to match Playstation 2?

A little less than a month before its launch, the market is waiting for the result of the launch of the new generation of Sony consoles.

When we refer to the Playstation 2, we are talking about a winning product in every way. This device made a mark in this industry.

Launched in 2000, it is proudly recognized as the best-selling video game console in history, with a more than respectable 160 million units throughout its life spam. And that’s what made it such an amazing device.

For a long time, Playstation 2 competed in sales with its younger sister Playstation 3 to the point that Sony was unable to completely discontinue it, as its games continued to sell consistently.

Contrary to what one might think, the initial rival of the PS2 was neither the Nintendo Gamecube, nor the Xbox, its initial rival was the Sega Dreamcast, whose launch in the North American market, the main one for the time, had been extremely successful, reaching a total of 500 thousand units sold in the first two weeks.

Assuming several technological advantages existing at the time, Sony presented the PS2 as an advanced device with a truly groundbreaking price, $ 300, whose strategy was aimed not only at defeating the Sega console, which also offered very interesting features such as an internal modem for internet connection, but also competed with the price of conventional DVD players.

The result for Sony predicted what would be a historic winner, on the first day, the sales of the device and its accessories reached the amount of 250 million dollars, an impressive number that contrasted against the 97 million dollars made by Sega in the same period of time.

Another factor that helped this commercial success was backward compatibility, which would not leave the gamers of the first generation of Playstation in the air.

Once Sega Dreamcast was defeated, due to financial problems and the impossibility of competing against the PS2, and in order not to give up even a millimeter of its market share, Sony decided, based on the results of the good sales of its games, to compete on price with the newcomer Nintendo GameCube, implementing a $ 100 cut to keep up with it and placing itself $ 100 below Xbox.

The later version, called Slim, would come with an internal modem that was one of the weak points of the original model.

What’s happening today?

Sony has a different challenge.

Even in 2000, gaming was an unexplored territory on which Sony could move freely, but today there is a totally changed world in which not only are there competitors who have learned from their mistakes and have improved, but there are also other gaming platforms growing at a dizzying pace, threatening to put once-innovative devices out of the race to introduce a globalizing and inclusive element that is within the reach of the whole world, the internet.

In my opinion, the diversity of options that the market is offering and the global economic crisis, which predicts long and complex recovery processes, make it very difficult for the success story of the Playstation 2 and its 160 million consoles sold to be repeated, taking into account that the also successful Playstation 4, could not exceed 113 million units sold worldwide in its 7 years of life.

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