Will the Nintendo Switch be able to contain its competition?

The most important challenge for Nintendo Switch will take place in the months of November and December. If its sales keep up the actual pace, then we would be facing a true commercial phenomenon.

November marks the official release of the ninth generation of consoles.

Playstation 5 and Xbox Series are already in the hands of millions of consumers throughout the world and thousands are waiting for theirs. Pre-sales for both devices were practically sold out in hours, which was to be expected.

Reviews abound and criticism begins to pour in. For now, both devices seem to occupy the center of attention.

However, Nintendo Switch continues to surprise. In the month of October it was consolidated as the absolute world leader in sales.

In the US alone, it sold 738,000 devices, the highest figure for any console, beating a record held by Wii, another Nintendo product, since 2008. But things do not stop there, Nintendo has 23 consecutive months leading the table and in this market, USA, already has more than 22.5 million devices sold

Someone could say that Nintendo is at the top due to the exhaustion of the eighth generation, PS4 and Xbox One. And they may be right.

Now, what would happen if despite the Playstation and Xbox launches, Switch sales remain stable or even increase?

From my point of view, we would be in the presence of a true commercial phenomenon, and it would also indicate that there are enormous growth possibilities for these products that are not necessarily more powerful, but more convenient.

It would also indicate that a good part of the market, especially the majority segment of casual gamers, wants their electronic entertainment devices not to restrict their ability or desire to move, as they have to be tied to a certain place to play.

And although Nintendo Switch is getting competition from the hand of concepts such as Microsoft with X-Cloud or in the near future, Amazon Luna, for now it remains alone and solid as the only player on that field.

There are plans for Nintendo to continue consolidating and increasing the experience it offers to the millions of Switch users worldwide, you just have to see the absolutely fantastic Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit or Nintendo Labo; It has also opened the door to Microsoft, with which it has some exploratory conversations about technical cooperation or even commercial alliances and to an increasing number of indie developers with whom it has increased its portfolio of games.

Let’s add to these facts, the feasibility of an increase in the Switch product line, with the heavily rumored Premium console, which would add more powerful features and technologies without departing from the winning formula that Nintendo has in its hands.

I am going to wait in January, with great expectation, the sales figures for Nintendo Switch.

If confirmed what I suspect could happen, it would result in a photo that no one expected to take and that would put the powerful ninth-generation consoles in an uncomfortable position, since they would be leaving aside a huge piece of the market that definitely wants something else and which Nintendo has owned almost entirely, and for a long time now.

Interesting days are coming

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