Would you donate your old PS4 or Xbox One to a kid from Panama? (Update)

Acquiring a console in Latin America is a very expensive operation for an average family, so the penetration of these devices is relatively low when compared to the population of the region.

Many gamers are now switching to the new generation, both from Playstation and Xbox and perhaps it is the right time for a good action.

You could donate your old PS4 or Xbox One console to a kid in Panama.

With this act, you could be helping the next Fortnite champion, or even the next Neil Druckmann !, Who knows?

If you want, you can send that PS4 or Xbox One, in good condition, that you are no longer going to use and with that change the life of a Panamanian child, who will most likely never be able to acquire one of them.

As you know, I am a 56-year-old gamer with more than 40 years of stories to tell and through this blog I have tried to bring some of my experiences into this world of gaming, and I believe that together we can contribute positive things.

Today the gap is more difficult for families in the region as a result of the pandemic crisis, and a console can help keep some children away from the dangers that are in the streets.

In Panama, internet connectivity is quite acceptable and not so expensive and as you know, with PS4 at least, there are games like Roblox or Fortnite that can be played for free.

If you want to be part of the idea, you can contact me through the form below and agree on how we are going to do it.


You can send the console to a PO Box in Miami, I would take care of the shipping costs from Miami to Panama. I´ll inform you via email or phone when I receive the console and then I would document the delivery of the console to the favored child.

It’s a nice gesture that can mean a lot.

Merry Christmas.

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