Xbox Series S: will it be the best-seller?

Analysts predict that, due to its features and price, Microsoft’s entry-level console could be the best-selling in the segment globally.

This is a truly amazing device in many aspects. It’s part of a much larger strategy, orchestrated by Microsoft, to lead the race for global gaming leadership.

For $ 299, plus the taxes that apply in each country, Microsoft has developed a product that can more easily reach markets in which purchasing power is lower, for example, Latin America or Asia, without losing quality or performance.

An old aspiration of all brands, which until today had been able to capitalize on mobile phones with relative success, in some way Nintendo and further afield, PCs.

Its archrival Sony does not have it so easy, its entry-level product is $ 100 more expensive, a hundred dollars that weigh a lot in these markets, which by the way, are huge.

To face this challenge, to offer quality and performance in a low-cost format, Microsoft developed a console with an excellent price/value ratio, which has an AMD 8x Z processor with 3.8 HZ cores, even from the X Series, ($ 200 more expensive), accompanied by a 4 teraflops 1550 Ghz GPU.

The latter indicate the power of the GPU and the graphics card that the device has, which also integrates a 10 GB DD6 RAM memory, enhanced by the inclusion of a custom 512 GB NVME SSD disk.

This provides a super smooth gaming experience, where loading times go by very fast. In this video we check it, comparing it against the Xbox One S.

Here it is clear how important the new Xbox Velocity architecture is.

The Series S offers a resolution of 1440p at 60 fps with support up to 120 fps, processable by most of the flat televisions in the world, which by the way are not 4k, much less 8k.

This point, without a doubt, is the most immersive facet for the player, since it is enhanced with the implementation of ray tracing technology, which promises a new gaming experience on consoles.

Xbox invites Sony and even Nintendo, to a very tough fight, since both the benefits and the price are more than interesting for many gamers, in the huge niche of emerging economies badly hit by issues related to the Covid19 crisis, have less hesitation when they decide to buy.

These are some of the reasons why market analysts have predicted that the future of the Xbox Series S looks very interesting at the sales level, predicting, almost certainly, a global leadership position.

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