XIII. A game ahead of its time.

In 2003, Ubisoft released a very interesting game, based on a story in the best style of Jason Bourne, which also fully exploited the capabilities of the consoles available on the market at the time. Today I tell you about that experience.

A man lies on a NYC beach unconscious and wounded, when he wakes up he does not remember his name or what he does there, he only knows that he escaped from a boat. His only possession is the key to a bank locker and his only sign, a XIII number tattooed on his shoulder …

Thus begins the story of this excellent game of intrigue and espionage based on the series of graphic novels XIII by the Belgian writer Jean van Hamme, which were a success in Europe in the eighties.

With an excellent artistic and conceptual design that lives up to its origins, XIII is presented in the form of an animated comic (simultaneous Cel-shaded). The result is, finally, a beautiful work of graphic design. Telltale’s current games are, in some way, inspired by the footprint that XIII left on the market.

XIII takes us by the hand of its protagonist Steven Rowland / Jason Fly in a frantic race to find out who he is, why they involve him in the murder of POTUS, and to prove his innocence.

Some say that there are apparent coincidences between the plots of XIII and Jason Bourne, but the stories, aside from the fact that both, Rowland and Bourne, are amnesiac spies and with extraordinary fighting skills, have nothing more in common.

XIII was a complete game, in addition to the story, it had a multiplayer of up to 16 players with 13 maps for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, 5 maps for Capture the Flag mode and 3 for Sabotage mode.

The game’s soundtrack further enriches the experience. It consisted of 13 themes developed by 3 different DJs from the San Francisco area who created a group of songs that would reflect the espionage theme in a noir and futuristic style. The voices were performed by David Duchovny (Californication) as Rowland / Fly and Adam West (Batman) as General Carrington among other prominent Hollywood artists.

Although its sales were below what was expected, the criticism welcomed XIII with excellent comments thanks to its excellent quality both from the technical point of view and the plot, and today it is considered a cult game.

The good news is that young players will be able to relive this entire experience very soon, thanks to the re-launch of a limited edition remake of XIII for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One this time from Microids, a very interesting French video game company and Play Magic LTD who were in charge of the development.

The game has been polished and remastered to adapt it to the power of today’s consoles, so we will have an enriched and improved experience.

The launch of the game is scheduled for November.

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